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St Tropez Fake Tan with Cheynes

St Tropez Fake Tan with CheynesCheaper than the price of a holiday and with just the same result, fake tan is a summer skin cheat which, as well was being healthier for your wallet, is also safer for your skin. That's because by faking it, you can avoid the dangers of the sun such as skin cancer, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

And when it comes to the fake tan industry, St Tropez is one the heavyweights. Launched in 1996, there's now some 30 products to choose from, including a sun protection range and Illuminators. And then there's the recently released Dark range. Launched earlier this year, it's become a best-seller for the brand, as men and women opt for sun-kissed skin the safe way. Where the original self tan range was more golden, the new Dark collection, offers a stronger holiday glow. Designed to mimic the skin's natural melanin, it contains Vegetan Premium, which is what helps give that fresh-from-holiday glow. And it also features Aromaguard™ which promises to stop that tell-tale self tan smell by up to 70%. But before you say The Only Way Is Essex, the Dark range still gives a natural tan; think two weeks in the Caribbean, rather than two weeks in France. And it's all without having to fork out for the holiday abroad or pack a case. So none of the airport drama and expense of going away; that's a winning combination in my book. And faking it can be a great look for a wedding, a party, or even a pick-me-up to escape from the lack of a Scottish sunshine.

St Tropez Fake Tan with Cheynes
St Tropez Fake Tan with CheynesNow, when it comes to fake tan application, you can, of course, do this yourself. And the Dark tan range is available to buy via stockists and online. However, there's nothing like the work of a professional and this is definitely true when it comes to fake tan. So if you've always fancied faking it, but have been too scared to do yourself, then good news; salons offer this new Dark Tan treatment. And one of those is top Edinburgh salon chain, Cheynes. At the company's airy Newhaven salon, set within the David Lloyd Club, there's a designated tanning room complete with tanning tent. And when I meet Head of Beauty, Charlie Irvine, she's armed with the tanning gun. She says,
"The new St Tropez Dark range has really taken off. In fact, most people who have it don't go back to the natural tan range because it just doesn't look as good. The fact it's called the dark range does worry some people, they think they're going to look like someone from TOWIE. But it takes a lot of fake tan to look that colour, you'd have to ask for that look if that's what you wanted. The Dark range is more holiday bronzed. And even when people have been nervous, they've tried it and love it."
St Tropez Fake Tan with Cheynes
The Tanning Tent in Cheynes
Paper pants aside, fake tan can be an embarrassing experience simply by the nature of the treatment. But consummate professional Charlie, puts me at ease, chatting about the product, whilst spraying and rubbing my skin. And it's fast too, around 20 minutes long so if you're in a rush then this would be good. Plus, once the St Tropez has been applied, there's none of the chimney sweep look some brands leave. Appearing over the next few hours, the colour is warm and golden and very even. Skin does look super bronzed. And when it's washed off the next day, the final result is golden. The staying power was around five to six days. So if you're baring it, then fake it. And know it's cheesy to do, but wanted to show you the subtle result so, here's before and after shots below:
St Tropez Fake Tan with Cheynes
St Tropez Fake Tan with Cheynes
Find your closest St Tropez spa, stockists and buy the range online via the St Tropez website and to book Cheynes Newhaven salon tel 0131 476 8484, or via the Cheynes website
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