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Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

DestinationSkin clinic in Glasgow

It could be the heavy duty dark glasses or the bright light flooding the room at regular intervals, but the phrase ‘There’s life Jim, just not as we know it’ is swimming around my mind. "That fine, you can take your glasses off now" says a voice, and it’s back reality with a bump. No I’m not a intergalactic explorer on board the Starship Enterprise. Rather I’m at the swanky skin clinic in Glasgow, DestinationSkin to test out the IPL Collagen Booster treatment. And judging by the results of my skin analysis, it's just in the nick of time.

Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

DestinationSkin practitioner Catherine McCann

The IPL, short for Intense Pulsed Light, is a treatment used to treat the likes of wrinkles, acne and hyper-pigmentation. And chances are you may have heard of it to remove hair, however, in those treatments, the light colour is different, and red rays are used to destroy the hair folicle. But change the light colour, and it can also be used to treat skin and boosting collagen. The IPL machine, which features a glass strip - seen here above  - is rested on skin, which then pulses some 530 nanometres through it onto skin. Each pulse of light penetrates beween 0.6mm and 2mm through the skin, causing collagen production to be naturally stimulated, erasing existing wrinkles and other skin problems. And since DestinationSkin launched in Glasgow, two years ago, it's been growning in popularity, thanks to the results it delivers. The clinic manager, Jodie Thomson says,

"The IPL treatment is ideally suited to people in their thirties upwards. That's not to say twenty-something-year-olds can't have the treatment, it's just it's often not necessary. That's because as we age, collagen production declines. But the IPL treatment helps to stimulate this completely naturally. It's versatile and can help with sun damage, pigmentation problems, acne scaring and rosacea, offering skin solutions where GPs and dermatologists can't.

"And today customers are all about results and want treatments which deliver. Gone are the days of just going to a shop and picking up a product, there's so much choice now. And if we don't know about something we can find out, people can Google stuff which means we are much more educated than ever before. So this means that expectations are much higher, which is good because this treatment has amazing results."

The treatment begins with a skin analysis via the Skin Scanner, which using violet rays light, helps give a deep and accurate reading of the state of skin. The DestinationSkin clinic uses the F-1 Skin Scanner, which works by using black light to analyse the skin with a one-way magnifying mirror which allows the expert to scan the skin. Sun damage which was previously hidden, or rather invisible to the naked eye, shows up like a beacon. No chance to being smug about the state of your skin once you’ve stuck your head in one of those. It helps give you and the expert, in this case Jody, an idea of what lies beneath.


Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

My skin prior to IPL Collagen Booster treatment

In my case, whilst not exactly Lord Voldemort, there is room for improvement. Fortunately, sun damage is limited; there's some on the forehead and round the sides of my face, which could be where I've missed the sun screen application. To me, it looks like freckles under this light and, according to Jodie, with a few IPL treatments, could be eradicated. There's a sign of a few blocked pores, which this treatment can sort out. But it's the dryness of my skin which is the main problem. My skin looks like a desert and in desperate need of moisture. And there's also some redness, which you can seen above, around the nose and mouth.

Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

The DermaQuest skin products used by DestinationSkin

Before the treatment, Jody cleanses my skin using the amazing Daily Enzyme Cleanser. It contains pineapple and papya enzymes and it gentle exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dull and dead skin cells, without stripping skin. Then, after putting dark strips over my eyes, to protect them - the googles were only for the skin test - it's time for the light part of the treatment with the IPL machine, which is called Energist Ultra. Beginning with a gel, the same one used for ultra-sounds, Jodie covers my face to protect and conduct the light. Then in swift motions, the glass is pressed all over face, covering it in strong light. It isn't painful, although I do find myself occasionally flinching but this is down to the bright light which peeps through my eye protection now and then. After a few minutes, my whole face has been zapped as it were, and it's time for the Firming Enzyme Mask. This is a professional product and unlike any mask I've ever experienced. It contains pineapple and papya again and as it dries, it tightens and pulls the skin on the face.

Then it's time for moisturiser, moisturiser and more moisturiser. First, it's a B5 serum with active ingredient of hyloronic acid which holds 1000 times its weight in water plumping and hyrdating the skin from deep down. Then, Jodie uses the Collagen Activating complex to stimulate the natural collagen production to plump and firm the skin further. Antioxdant soothing serum is used to replenish the skin, calm and strengthen. And finally, Zinclear SPF30 is applied to give that all important physical protection against the sun, and to soothe and calm skin.


Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

Skin clinic in Glasgow - DestinationSkin

My skin immediately after the IPL Collagen Booster treatment

There is an immediate impact on the redness around my nose and mouth, as you can see in the image above on the right. On my forehead, spots appear less noticeable and skin smoother. And overall, the condition of my skin is amazing, the dryness has gone which, in turn, has an impact on fine lines and wrinkles.

The effects last around four weeks, with a course of between three and six sessions recommended for optinum results. I could definitely see myself using this treatment again, my skin responds positively to it and looks so much better for it.

To book or for further info, head to the DestinationSkin website or contact the skin clinic in Glasgow 0141 404 5254.

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