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Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

When it comes to Scottish skin, Sisley's skincare specialist, Paulina Siembor, says it's all about tackling dullness and dehydration. The bubbly blonde, who is hosting a special skincare and makeup evening in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols June 8 and 9, has experienced first-hand Scottish skincare problems. That's because the skincare expert has lived here since 2006 and for the past four years has worked for luxury beauty brand, helping women get their skin glowing and radiant. And Polish-born Paulina says it's all down to using the right tools. She says,

"External factors like weather make skincare a problem for women in Scotland. But I've found also Scottish women aren't helping themselves because they don't always use the right products and that's why I often see skin that's dehydrated and lacking glow. But these two problems can be treated with the right skincare regime and the right products. So it's a case of finding the right ones for your skin and following a routine."

Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

So what is a good skincare routine? According to Paulina, there's a number of items which will help your skin go from dull and grey to plumped up and with a glow that would make Jennifer Lopez jealous. And top of the list is a weekly exfoliator. Paulina says,

"A weekly exfoliator can help transform your skin, one like Sisley's Gentle Facial Buffing Cream is gentle yet effective at smoothing out skin and you should be doing this two to three times a week. Then, on top of that you should be using a mask once a week. I'd recommend one which contains red clay because this is brilliant for your skin. Sisley's Radiant Glow Express mask contains this and really does leave skin looking completely transformed.

"And then there's your moisturiser which is the most important product when it comes to skincare, because you will see the benefits. If you can afford it, it's worth investing in a high quality one, like Sisley's All Day All Year, which is great for summer because it helps protect skin from 90% of UVA and UVB. I'd also say that, if you can, use a different moisturiser day and night, using ones that tackle the 25 signs of ageing such as wrinkles and hydration."

Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina SiemboScottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

But Paulina's talents don't just stop at skincare. Since graduating in 2004, her work has appeared in glossy mags like fashion bible Vogue and she has worked for some of the world's most glamorous brands including Chanel. But it isn't always about avant guarde looks and bold colour, like the ones above. Paulina is also kept busy with advertising work and most recently she did the makeup for the Creative Scotland 2012 ad which featured some well-known Scots including Michelin starred chef, Tom Kitchin. And when it comes to everyday makeup, Paulina says there's a simple makeup technique that everyone could use. She reveals,

"People always want to know two things; firstly how to get their skin glowing; and secondly how to make their eyes bigger. When it comes to the glow question, I always say to use an exfoliator, mask, serum and moisturiser. And when it comes to the eyes, it's three words: white eye pencil. Use this along the inner lash line and it's amazing the effect it has on the eye, making it look bigger and brightening it up.

Paulina will be at the Sisley counter in Harvey Nichols Edinburgh June 8 and June 9. For more of her top tips, book your personal appointment, please call 0131 854 8388 or visit the Sisley counter. There is a booking fee of £25 redeemable against any two Sisley products purchased on the day.

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