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Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

Lush Spa Reception in Edinburgh - Image via Lush

I’m in the beautiful new Lush Spa in Edinburgh getting ready for my treatment, The Good Hour, and  I’m wondering if I could move in. Because from the sweet country kitchen style spa reception area, pictured above to the stunning rooms, pictured below, the Lush Spa in the capital is unlike any spa I’ve ever visited. And as the floor gets covered in an atmospheric blue mist, with the sounds of sea shanties and creaking wood fills my ears, I think I’ve found my heaven.

UK retailer Lush, purveyor of fizzing bath bombs and all manner of animal friendly products has been building up a reputation for beauty treatments. The menu currently consists of seven treatments and all are reasonably priced with the Good Hour for instance, costing £80 for a 70 minute treatment. The list includes some recognisable beauty treatments such as a facial and a foot treatment. But closer inspection and you can see that everything has been Lush-ified. Take for instance the mention of multi-sensory in the brand’s signature treatment Synaethesia. Or the tuning forks in Sound Bath treatment. It’s clear that the Dorset-based brand is carving out its own spa path.

Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

Treatment Room in Lush Spa Edinburgh - Image via Lush

In Edinburgh's Princes Street store, which opened at the end of last year, the usual Lush goodies are on offer. With brightly colour gift boxes, bath bombs and fab skincare products everything looks edible, touchable and suitably squishable.  And thanks to something that looks like a giant macaroon, occasionally it can feel a bit like stepping into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The team is super friendly and I’m soon introduced to my therapist Kris Luebke, who takes me downstairs to the spa section of the store, the only Lush spa currently in Scotland.

Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

The Kitchen area of the Lush Spa Edinburgh - Image via Lush

And it’s like stepping into someone’s home. There’s a really pretty ‘living room’ section, then toward the back is a homely country kitchen, with a huge long table and mismatched chairs. Everything is very sweet and well decorated and there are pretty glass bottles and trinkets everywhere. And in keeping with Lush’s eco-friendly mantra everything is second hand: bought from flea markets and car boot sales. Even the chic cabinets all made from reclaimed wood from down in Dorset, where the company is based.

Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

Wiccy Magic Muscles bar - Image via Lush

After my consultation about the treatment, Kris takes me back up onto the busy shop floor. Here, I get to pick the products used in the massage, in this instance with a choice of four massage bars. They all smell amazing but I opt for the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar which is a blend of cinnamon, peppermint and cloves which Kris tells me is good for tired and achy muscles. Together with bespoke seaweed jelly disk, Kris is going to use these in the massage.

Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

Treatment room in Lush Spa Edinburgh - Image via Lush

Then it’s back downstairs to the homely, stress-free oasis of the spa which, thanks to some amazing soundproofing does seem like a world away from the hectic streets of Edinburgh city centre. Kris shows me into my treatment room, one of three rooms – one of which is a double – and it’s another lesson in simple, stylish, well thought-out décor. Kris says,

“The rooms are set up differently for each treatment. The Good Hour, the treatment you’re having, is a deep tissue massage done to a deep sea theme. So the lightening is blue, there’s a ship lantern and the music is all sea shanties.”

Lush Spa in Edinburgh - it's LUSH

Big Blue Bath Bomb - Image via Lush

Sea shanties hugely appeal to me and are a great change from the usual clinky clunky wailing sounds most spas opt for. The attention to details stands out across the board to be honest, with a little jewellery dish provided and small bell to ring when you’re ready for the therapist to come back in and begin the treatment. And boy does The Good Hour start as it means to go on with a Big Blue Bath Bomb, being poured over dry ice. Combined with the blue lightening, the swinging lantern and other sounds, the result goes well beyond any other spa atmosphere you'll have ever experienced.

Now over the years, I’ve had my fair share of beauty treatments: I’ve had oil poured on me in India, I’ve been rubbed in China and dubbed right here in Scotland. Some have been good, others not so much. But I can honestly say that the Lush Good Hour Treatment was the best I’ve ever had. The treatment lasts one hour and ten minutes and it will be one of the best 70 minutes of your life thanks, in part to the amazing muscle release technique. Developed exclusively for Lush by Gavin Morey, the brand’s trainer and treatment inventor, this has its roots in techniques he saw on his travels to the Solomon Islands. There’s more on that on the video below, but my experience of this was incredible. And although to begin with the technique was bit painful, there was a noticeable impact on me physically and mentally. For instance, I have never been able to fall asleep or not be aware of what the therapist was doing in a treatment before. But with the Good Hour, I was merrily sailing away on a sea of relaxation. I loved the Sea Shanties music to go along with this and even downloaded the CD when I got home from iTunes so I could relive the experience in some small way.

Afterwards I feel more relaxed than I’ve ever been and I’m back to mulling the problem of who I need to talk to about moving in to the Lush Spa permanently. But the promise of black tea with a shot of rum lures me out of the treatment room before it's time to head back upstairs to the busy shop where I bought a couple of LUSH-cious products and then to plan my next visit to the amazing Lush Spa in Edinburgh because for me, with sea shanties and blue mist affects, I will happily be climbing aboard to good ship Lush to experience more of these treatments very soon. To book contact the Lush Spa in Edinburgh on 0131 225 4688 or to find out more about any of the Lush products then go to And for more info on the treatment, do watch the video below:

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