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Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup for the shows

I'm feeling like an extra in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Except this is more like a Dwarf and the Seven Snow Whites. And FYI, I'm definitely not Snow White in this production. That's because I'm surrounded by the 6 ft models for the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. And if there was ever a time I felt conscious of my height, then this is it. And that's before they've even put on the amazing Kat Maconie shoes.

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows

Makeup Artist Ana Cruzalegui and some of her team at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

From ghost-like dolls to mermaids, it's a whirlwind of foundation, eyeshadow and the looks are created by none other than makeup marvel Ana Cruzalegui, the lady behind false eyelash brand WE ARE FAUX. It's the first year the four-day fashion festival has taken place and it included talks from the likes of fashion industry heavyweights Amanda Harlech. And based in Edinburgh's Summerhall venue, there were also shows by top designers including Issey Miyake and Aimee McWilliams, whose brooding decadence was immense.
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the showsEdinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows
Makeup and face chart at the Bebaroque show at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, model Lakiza

Kicking off on Thursday, there was a beautiful show by Scottish designer duo Bebaroque, of whose work I'm a major fan. Recently worn by Jessie J at the Olympics Closing Ceremony, the bejewelled body suits were intricate and feminine, and were paired with the headpieces by the talented Rene Walrus. Ana created a gorgeous glowing look for this show and explains,
"The look for Bebaroque about a Mermaid look so glowing, iridescent and dewiness were key, like the models have just emerged from the sea. The base was Nars Sheer Glow and on the eyes we used the Indian Summer eye shadow palette followed by the Aigle Noir pencil which although dark, has an iridescence to it which helps create a glow. On the cheers we layered Enchanted and Gaiety blushers and finished on the lips with Odalisque. And to finish models wore the WE ARE FAUX Bewitching lashes to wing out the eyes and Vaseline on top of the cheeks to add to the dewy look."
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the showsEdinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows
Makeup and face chart at the Issey Miyake show at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, model Louisa Facchino-Stack
Earlier, on Thursday afternoon, the Issey Mikaye show had taken place on the streets of Edinburgh no less - who needs a venue when you've got a city like it right? The colour combination of bold oranges and berry shades isn't something I'd considered as natural allies before. But after seeing Ana's handiwork, it had me reaching for my own orange eyeshadow. Ana says,
"I used my creativity to come up with the idea for the look, which was based around pleats, a big feature of this collection. So it’s in the hair and when it comes to the makeup i thought about a contrast between the darkness and broodiness of Edinburgh. And what better than bold oranges and berry shades.”
"The base was Nars Sheer Matte. On the eyes we used Nars Mediteranee shadow, on the cheeks, Lakoum blusher and Club Mix on the lips to give a dewy and fresh look."
And then there was the hair, which was created by Gary Lees, Jason Hall and Carlina Cicognani. The look moved from intricate pleats at Issey Miyake on Thursday afternoon to glossy waves for Bebaroque. I've just lopped off all my hair so my hair envy was huge.
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows
Makeup at the Aimee McWilliams show at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival model Anatasia Krivosheeva
Friday evening saw a show by the talented Aimee McWilliams. The luxuriousness of the look was sublime, and the clothes definitely ones for the wish-list. The makeup was clean and matte using NARS Sheer Matte Foundation and Pressed Powder. Mascara was only applied to the top lashes, and there was no colour on the cheeks except a little contouring to highlight the cheekbones. Any pinks or rose tints to lips were muted down with concealer to greys and white shades before applying eyeshadow - this was really the only colour on the face. It was a look which was being described as ghost doll-like.  And the hair, created by Gary and his team, was opulent and elegant. Gary explains, 
"We're using the Cloud 9 The O Rollers to curl the hair. Once we've taken out the rollers, we're pinning the curls in place before brushing it out just before the show begins. Then at the front, we're using L'Oreal Tecni Art Fix Design to sculpt and sleek hair back. It creates a contrast between the softness of the feminity at the back and the strong, bold look from the front.
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the showsEdinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows
Nails for the Aimee McWilliams show at the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival
And nails weren't forgotten either. Stirling-based nail artist, Tammy Koslowski, created nail looks for all the shows. The DIY Nails owner used a combination of Zoya polishes to created different looks but when it came to the Aimee McWilliams show, there was something a bit extra. Tammy says,
"After using the Zoya Dulcinea, I'm letting it dry, then applying an eye shadow that corresponds to the colour on the model's lips. So some have green, some have blue and some a yellow shade. And on top, I'm using a matte topcoat to set it. But there is absolutely no gloss in this as, like the makeup Ana is doing, the look is very matte."
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows
Model Sammie at the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival
Pam Hogg's show on the Saturday was packed and bondage and leather seemed to be a theme for the clothes. With an assortment of head wear, hair was minimalist, straight and sleek and makeup was all about mushrooms and taupes, seen here above. Ana says,
"It was all about mushroom tones and cool browns. Pam wanted absolutely no colour on the skin, and the models were to have almost a porcelain complexion so skin was matte and overly powdered. To do this we used Nars Sheer Matte foundation. We used concealer on the lips to blot out any natural colour, before adding the shadow from the eye and topping with clear NARS gloss.
"On the eyes we used three shades from within the same colour family firstly all over, then the next shade was over the lid, and to finish, the third shade was applied to the crease. There was with no liner with this look. But we did use the WE ARE FAUX false eyelashes in Coco."
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - the makeup behind the shows
Image via WE ARE FAUX Facebook page of Borcher show
The event finished on Sunday with a show by avant-garde Danish-designer, Mademoiselle Christina Borcher, which sadly I couldn't make as was away at the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards. But it looked the dark and dramatic. Ana and her team went for an intense look, matting out the skin with NARS Sheer Matte foundation,  with no colour on the cheek. However, lips were bold, covered with NARS Transiberian lipstick. And also eyes were bursting with colour with the sheer red base with Nars shadows Galapagos, California and Grenadines eyeshadows blended top and bottom. Talk about a fiery sultry look. The look was finished with Silver Spell false eyelashes by Ana's company WE ARE FAUX.  Ana explains,
"The Borcher collection shown was full of strong shapes and design. I wanted to bring this out by creating a fiery seductive makeup look with intense red, bronze, and copper eyes, deep brick lips, matte skin and using eyelashes that had a white and gold effect as a highlight. It was an accessory for the eyes."
All in all, Edinburgh International Fashion Festival was a ball, it was great to meet so many talented and passionate people. Roll on next year, now, I'm off to practice these look - and buy a set of stilts.
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