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Beyond MediaSpa and the Sheep Placenta Facial

Talk about bling for the skin, Beyond MediSpa manager Nicola Bristow is massaging Stem Cell Gold Serum into my skin; a product that contains 24 carat gold pieces and stem cells harvested from sheep placenta. Yes, you read that correct: sheep placenta.

Beyond MediaSpa and the Sheep Placenta Facial

Image via Beyond MediSpa

I’m at the Beyond MediSpa in Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols experiencing the much lauded O-Placenta facial, also known as the Sheep Placenta facial. And ok, so the words sheep placenta might not sound attractive but it’s got some very attractive fans: Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and erm.. Simon Cowell. And after experiencing the facial for myself I can see why.

Massive in Hollywood, this treatment is now in the UK thanks to Pamela Kharikhou, an entrepreneur based in Harrogate and is now exclusively available at Beyond MediSpa branches in the UK.

The science behind the facial and the Stem Cell Beauty Innovation brand is quite astonishing. The stem cells used in this treatment come from the placenta of New Zealand sheep because they give the best results on skin. They’re harvested from the sheep post birth so there’s no harm to the animals.

Beyond MediaSpa and the Sheep Placenta Facial

Image via Beyond MediSpa

There are products that use apple stem cells, however, it’s worth noting research shows these to be less effective on skin than those taken from mammals. So if it’s impact on skin you’re after, then this is the treatment for you.

The treatment begins with Nicola cleansing my skin with a cleanser containing volcanic ash, then there’s the skin analysis. Personally, I love when a treatment includes this as I think it shows an understanding for skin that goes beyond a formulaic facial. My therapist notices some dehydration and congestion and moves to the extraction phase of the facial. Extraction might sound like some sort of secret agent code but in fact is good old fashioned spot squeezing – but done by an expert.

After a gentle exfoliation, it’s time for the microdermabrasion which I am really keen to test as much as the sheep placenta facial itself.  Microdermabrasion removes dead skin, to reveal new and improved skin underneath. The machine used by Beyond MediSpa looks very funky and almost vintage in design with Nicola using a pen-like contraption to do the technique. The ends can be changed depending on the intensity of the microdermabrasion and in this case a fine tip is screwed on. And it’s actually a really pleasant sensation; it feels like your skin is being oh-so gently vacuumed.

Then, once my skin has been expertly cleaned it’s time for the Stem Cell Concentrate. It contains the highest concentration of the placenta extract and when it’s applied to skin smells vinegary but feels just like a serum on skin. Red light therapy is then used to really push the product into the skin to give it the best impact. Nicola then follows this with the Stem Cell Daily Gold Serum, which is also available to buy in store for £129. And as well as more of the stem cells, this also contains 24 carat gold particles which, aside from making me feel like royalty, also give the skin an added glow.

To finish, Nicola uses the Stem Cell Moisturiser, £95, on my face and the Stem Cell Eye Firming Cream, £95. All in all the O-Placenta Facial takes some 75 minutes and doesn’t hurt a jot. Immediately afterwards there is a noticeable impact on my skin; it’s got a J-Lo glow, fine lines are ironed out. Fast forward a few days and my skin hasn’t looked this good in months. The word regenerate is used to describe this facial in the information I’m sent, and I think that best describes it. To say I’m impressed is an understatement and I’m already thinking about when I can book myself in next.

The O-Placenta Facial costs £185 per treatment or £925 for six and is available at Beyond MediSpa, Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols, 0131 524 8332.

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