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Surf & Sand Collection from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown's Surf & Sand collection is so good it deserves a blog post of it's own. You may have seen it on counter or in magazines with the delectable Kate Upton fronting this collection campaign.

Surf & Sand Collection from Bobbi Brown

Image via Bobbi Brown

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Eyebrows by Shavata in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols

Marlene Dietrich, Brooke Shields and the current champion Cara Delevingne have made us sit up and take up notice of their brows - and set brow trends which have lasted for generations.

And someone who has has helped legions of people on their own path to the perfect brow is brow guru Shavata.

She has been gently moulding and fashioning brows for the past 20 years working with a whole host of celebrities. And her eponymous brand now has counters around the UK, including one in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols. And like many of its customers post treatment, the counter has just had a facelift. Still on making up part of the beauty hall on the store's ground floor, the Shavata counter is now bigger and more luxurious than ever before.

Shavata counter in Edinburgh Harvey Nichols

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Favourite beauty products

Favourite makeup products can be so subjective: one person's makeup triumph is another person's beauty banality. However, over the past few weeks and months I have been using and loving these beauty products, and whilst they may not perform the same for you, I would recommend them:

my favourite beauty products

My current beauty favourites

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The summer sun - Edinburgh Evening News beauty column

Holiday time is here so I'm talking about all things sun-related in my latest beauty column for the Edinburgh Evening News:

summer holidays and Miranda Kerr

Image via Miranda Kerr on Instagram

If you are heading off to sunnier shores this summer, ensure your skin is in tip top condition before you depart. Summer wardrobes mean more skin exposure so prep by using an exfoliator. This will get rid of dead skin, leaving it ready for some sunshine. And banish any dry or scaly looking skin by moisturising skin daily.

Dry skin and cracked heels are never a good look so give your feet some TLC. Butter London’s Stiletto Stick, £25, contains castor seed oil to soften and smooth skin and can also be used on dry elbows, knees or knuckles.

Keeping skin hair-free requires some prior preparation. However, if you find your departure date pending without a waxing session, there are some beauty cheats. Fuzz Off by Bliss, £20, is a new hair removal cream for the bikini area with an angled precision applicator.

If your skin is sun damaged, then treat yourself to Summer Sprunch at the One Spa. The luxurious package starts with the ESPA Age Defyer Facial; an hour and 20 minute treatment created to combat the signs of ageing and, if applicable, sun damaged skin using specific techniques and products. Sprunch also includes access to Escape at One and is followed up by two-course brunch in the hotel’s One Square. This package costs, £135 per person and is available until 31 August 2014. Call 0131 221 7777 to book.

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The One Spa Edinburgh - Summer Sprunch

Two words: Benjamin Button. Yes, I am now happy to say that I am ageing backwards. Because that is the impact of my latest facial which, looking at my skin post treatment, has melted away wrinkles and made the years drop away from my face. To be honest, I shouldn’t really be surprised considering the breadth and scale of products used in this treatment, not to mention the expert massaging by therapist Ishbelle.

The One Spa Edinburgh - Summer Sprunch

Image via One Spa at the Sheraton

Some 15 ESPA products are used during the brand's Age Defyer facial at the One Spa in Edinburgh's Sheraton hotel. My skin is treated to a triple cleanse, a double tone, an exfoliation, a mask, various serums and moisturisers, a 15minute massage specifically around the eyes, followed by a longer luxurious facial massage. And lasting an indulgent one hour 20 minutes, this really is a king amongst facials.

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Lighten up for summer- Edinburgh Evening News beauty column

Summer loving can mean lighting hair so I'm sharing some of my favourite products and tools in my Edinburgh Evening News beauty column:

If you’re considering lightening up for summer, then be sure you get the most out of the lighter side of life. Because changing your hair colour requires a little planning and, depending on your natural hair colour, money too. Things to consider before going blonde include your skin tone, complexion and the colour of your eyes and eye brows.

Lighten up for summer- Edinburgh Evening News beauty column

Image via flickr*

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My favourite beauty products

My favourite beauty products changes depending on any skin concerns I may have that week or month for instance, or the latest launches to catch my eye. But here's just a little shout-out to those beauty products that I am loving right now.

My favourite beauty products - Clarins' Extra Comfort Anti Pollution Cleansing cream

Image via Clarins

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Interview with skin expert Jeff Murad

What is the next big thing in skin care? What are the biggest skin care mistakes? And what are the biggest skin care concerns for people in their thirties? These are just some of the burning beauty questions on my list. And who better to ask about all things skin and skin care products related than Jeff Murad. He is part of a skin care dynasty with his dad, Dr Howard Murad, the man behind the results driven Murad skin range.

Interview with skin expert Dr Jeff Murad

Image via Murad Skincare

Jeff, pictured above, joined the company in 2000 as Vice President of Product Development and it was my absolute privilege to have the opportunity to tap up his extensive beauty knowledge.

How has the beauty industry changed over the years you’ve been working in it?

“The biggest change I’ve seen is in the development of ingredient technologies, which have done a lot to improve the effectiveness of skin care products. For example, we have recently updated many of our products with our new hydration ingredient technology called RepleniCell.
RepleniCell utilises a proprietary blend of osmolytes, select amino acids and trehalose to pre-treat the water phase of Murad formulations. By pre-treating water with RepleniCell we transform a previously in-active element of a product [water] into a high-performance solution. You see, all skin care products contain at least 40% water as it’s needed to hold the other ingredients, but it’s not actually doing anything for the skin. RepleniCell helps skin attract, bind and retain water; essentially the water becomes a ‘performance hydrator’, so now 100% of the product is working to improve the skin.”

Have skin care concerns changed over this time? And if so how?

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Radiant skin with Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

You know those people who look healthy, glowing and radiant, whether they're just back from a two week holiday or not? Well, listen up beauty fans, that could be you thanks to this latest launch from Clarins- the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster.

Radiant skin with Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Image via Clarins

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Jo Malone candle and fragrance launch - Silk Blossom

New season, new fragrance. And where better to look than the latest candle and fragrance to launch from the super chic brand, Jo Malone.

Jo Malone candle and fragrance launch - Silk Blossom

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