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Blogging about beauty products means I get to combine two of my favourite things: writing and beauty. So for me, it's a case of happy days. I suppose, working online is 'virtual talking', there's lots of people having a gas, but you're basically on your tod. But if you think it's lonely, then think again. Because what's great about beauty blogging, is that there's a whole family of bloggers out there all going ga-ga over eyeliners, or swapping stories about cleanser. So I love it when we get introduced, because it's always great to find new and interesting blogs to educate me, amuse me and also inspire me. So if you run a blog that you think I'd love, then please do get in touch and I can add it here, all I ask is for some link love back and post a link back to Scottish Beauty Blog. Happy blogging.


Pretty In Pink Blog

My Blonde Ambition
Another fabby blogger from Scotland, My Blonde Ambition writes mainly about the fashion with a smattering of beauty. Head on over, and check out her work.

Girl Gloss

Scottish Beauty Schools

Thinking of changing careers or improving your beauty skills? Here is a handy list of Scotland's beauty schools.

The Scottish Beauty School - Glasgow

The Mary Reid International Spa Academy - Edinburgh

Edinburgh College - Granton Campus Edinburgh

Edinburgh College - Milton Road Campus Edinburgh

Dundee Academy of Beauty - Dundee

Aberdeen College Hair & Beauty Academy - Aberdeen

Scottish Beauty Awards

Scotland has a couple of great awards cermonies to showcase the best of the Scottish Hair & Beauty professionals.

INAA run The INAA Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards

Creative Oceanic run The Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards