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I want to write about what experts are calling, problem skin, which is now becoming a seriously adult problem. I thought I'd left spots behind me in my teenage years but seems like I was wrong. Weirdly, when I hit my mid-twenties, it was like a switch being flicked and spots just started appearing. My skin was rarely without blemish or spot and it wasn't just on my face: my back and chest were also affected. Strapless tops and low-backed dresses were a definite no-no. And I even considered the problem when it came to buying my wedding dress. Was it my diet? Was it my skincare regime? Or was it hormones, genetics, what? I tried thousands of lotions and potions, with varying success.

Now I'm in my thirties, I'm happy to say that the problem isn't as big. I still suffer from the odd outbreak, but then again who doesn't. In the main, it tends to be hormonal, usually on my T-Zone. Now, I was prepared to be brave and go bare-faced but my camera isn't good enough that you will be able to see what I'm talking about and in the interests of not scaring you, that's probably just as well.

However, in my own experience, a trip to the doctors, was the turning point. I waited years before going, and wish I'd gone sooner.  I was prescribed antibiotics and skin cream. It took a while but my skin eventually went back to normal. I also changed my diet and started eating meat again. Whilst it may not work for everyone, I worked for me. But I also found a number of brilliant products which have helped beyond measure. I wanted to share these  problem skin products with you, in case these help you like they've helped me: Read more about Problem Skin Products

Things you can do in Earth Month

Things you can do in Earth Month

Image courtesy of Eusebius

Given that this blog is called Scottish Beauty Blog, I'm guessing you'll have figured out where I'm from. The land of forests, mountains, whisky and, of course, occasional rain: Scotland. It's a pretty green country - both ecologically wise and landscape. But it's still good to be reminded that we can do our bit to look after the world, less we forget. That's why I think Earth Day is a great idea. Started back in 1970, this year it takes place April 22 2012. It highlights environmental issues, campaigns and it's now celebrated in over 175 countries - cue a well deserved and collective clap on the back. Subsequently, Earth Month, helpfully also assigned to April, has also taken root as eco-friendly events, promotions and campaigns spill out beyond one day. And specifically has seen the involvement of several beauty brands. So if you're thinking 'what can I do in Earth Month?' then, outside of the usual environmentally-friendly ways, show your support through one of these beauty brands including Aveda and Origins. Read more about Things you can do in Earth Month

Tips on how to keep your face clear and spot-free

Smooth, glowing and clear, it's the holy trinity of great looking skin. And prepare to bare, because springtime and summer means lighter bases. So if you haven't already, it's time to cleanse your way to clear skin. The most important part of the journey to clear skin for me, is always taking off my makeup and I definitely recommend for everyone to do the same. This will avoid clogging your pores and prevent outbreaks. So as you stumble your way to bed after a long day at work and an even longer night out, think of it like this: would you wear the same clothes 24 hours a day, seven days a week never washing? I'd recommend following a beauty routine that includes cleansing and moisturising. And there's no excuse because shelves are literally groaning with the choice of beauty and skincare products. Too time-consuming? Too expensive? Say no more because thanks to Boots No7 Beautiful Skin range - check it out below -the route to blemish free skin just got even easier. Read more about Tips on how to keep your face clear and spot-free


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