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Professional Makeup Artist Tips with Shu Uemura's Haydn Jones

Professional Makeup Artist Tips with Shu Uemura's Haydn Jones

Regional differences don't just come down to the way we talk, it's also about what makeup we use. And when it comes to Scottish women, we love colour. That's the opinion of Shu Uemura's senior makeup artist Haydn Jones, seen here above. And Haydn says, Scottish ladies are great at experimenting with colour. He says:

Scottish women are always brave when it comes to makeup and I see a lot of colour which is fantastic. In London, people go for the classic makeup look of eye flicks and in Manchester it's all about the smokey eye and nude lip, but in Scotland, it's all about colour.
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Skincare brand Philosophy comes to Glasgow

Skincare brand Philosophy comes to Glasgow

In Scotland, shopping skincare brand Philosophy just got even easier thanks to the new counter in Glasgow's Debenhams. So if you're in the Argyle Street store, look out for the new counter. The monochome Philosophy branding should be easy to spot. Read more about Skincare brand Philosophy comes to Glasgow

Mascarathon - Benefit's fundraising run for Refuge

Mascarathon - Benefit's fundraising run for Refuge

Are you in Edinburgh June 15? Could you run two miles? Well whip out those running shoes and get signed up to take part in the Mascarathon, a run from Edinburgh to London all in the name of charity. Organised by that super smashing beauty brand, Benefit, it's in aid of domestic violence charity, Refuge.

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Good under eye creams

The eyes are the window to the soul, so the saying goes. Well, if that's true there are days where my soul must look about 1000. Fine lines and dark circles are my particular bugbears. Yes, diet, genes and getting enough sleep all play a part but how else do you to tackle this problem? Well aside from limiting my laughter to once week in a bid to stop those lines - joke - I've found using an eye cream day and night helps. Now, these are good under eye creams but they are not magic creams so if you think by applying a cream, the years will fall away to reveal the 18-year-old you, then those are some unrealistic expectations. However, the skin around your eyes is up to ten times thinner than elsewhere on your face, with fewer oil glands which means it dehydrates more easily so replenishing is a good idea. Then think about all the movement this area takes in one day. To be able to cope with it all, the connective tissue around the eyes is more slack than anywhere else in the body. And finally, the dreaded UVA/UVB also penetrate the under eye skin more deeply causing more damage to elastin and collagen.

Sun damage has taken it's toll on the skin around my eyes (too much sunbathing without the right protection) but thankfully I started using eye creams when I was a bright eyed 20-year-old. So far, puffiness and bags haven't really been problem. For me, it's dark circles and these constantly make me look tired. Sleep, water, it doesn't matter what I do, the bluish circles under my eyes will not budge. Now I tend to think it's due to genetics. But I have found eye creams do help. Here's some of the ones I like:

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Best makeup to cover blemishes

Spots are the bane of my skincare regime. Recently I blogged about problem skin products. But what about disguising spots? In my younger days, I thought the answer was heaping on the concealer. Now, however, I've learned some top tips on how to use makeup to cover up blemishes. Handy hints like those from MAC Senior Makeup Artist, Lesley Keane, seen here below.

how to hide spots with makeup

She points out that layering your products are a more effective way to camouflage a blemish. She says,

" When covering blemishes I always use a cream concealer, as under eye concealers have moisturisers and silicone in them to even out the surface. I normally use M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer as it’s really opaque and a little goes a long way. With a blemish it is better to use a cool tone eg NC20 as it neutralise reds and I always try and match the skin as much as possible towards the paler side. Apply your concealer  with a small brush such as the M.A.C #219 brush. Pat the concealer on the blemish and blend the edges not the whole area. Follow with a powder like M.A.C Mineralise Skinfinish Neutral (use the shade that suits you best) to matte the surface down. Top tip - be careful to keep the tone of the powder on the paler side as otherwise it will darken the concealed area and resemble a bruise."

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