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Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

Running in the rain never looked so glamorous as the Benefit Mascarathon, lead by TV presenter Caroline Flack, kicked off in Edinburgh. The event is aiming to raise cash for domestic violence charity, Refuge. And running the first two miles was the I'm A Celebrity presenter along with some 30 runners, who despite the rain, pushed on. Warming up before the race, Caroline said,

"There'll be no walking, I'm going to be running the two miles. The rain doesn't bother me, it's for a great cause and it's such a privilege to be starting the Benefit Mascarathon."

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh


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St Tropez Spraycation

The Scottish sun may be shy but don't let its intermittant appearance get in the way of having sun-kissed skin. Because, as everyone ought to know, nowadays, the only way to get beautiful bronzed limbs is the healthy way, and that means faking it. So good news for peely waly Scots; top self tanning brand, St Tropez is hitting the road this summer to help. It's calling it, the St Topez Spraycation and it will see a luxury-themed pop-up coming to Glasgow Braehead to do free treatments courtesy of St Tropez expert. This includes a skin finishing treatment and a prescriptive consultation with an expert. And you'll receive complimentary samples of St Tropez Wash Off Body and Gradual Tan Body Medium/ Dark.

St Tropez's Spraycation

Brand ambassador, Made In Chelsea's, Millie Mackintosh is helping launch Spraycation in a bid to enourage people to be careful in the sun. And the 22-year-old reckons there's really no better place to holiday this year than the UK. She says,

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Pure Lochside skincare - now in Harvey Nichols

Pure Lochside is an organic skincare brand whose products smell so delicious you'll want to eat them; but they're so good for your skin you won't. Turns out, thanks to the ingredients, you could do both. That's because Pure Lochside is all about organic goodness. So much so, that the products are made with the best organic ingredients including Spanish oranges and Scottish oatmeal and they're made right here in Edinburgh.

Pure Lochside skincare - to eat or not to eat?

Previously only available via mail order and a handful of spas, it's now in the beauty hall of Edinburgh department store Harvey Nichols. And from just a sniff, it's organic credentials are obvious; there's not a hint of artificial perfume or watered down products. And when I meet brand boss, Fiona Tutte, the reason is clear. Fiona is an aromatherapy expert, a lady who evidently knows her stuff having spent the past two decades in the industry. During this time, she has used her skills and aromatherapy knowledge in the treatment of mental health patients as well as private clients suffering a multitude of problems from arthritis through to acne.

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Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

When it comes to Scottish skin, Sisley's skincare specialist, Paulina Siembor, says it's all about tackling dullness and dehydration. The bubbly blonde, who is hosting a special skincare and makeup evening in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols June 8 and 9, has experienced first-hand Scottish skincare problems. That's because the skincare expert has lived here since 2006 and for the past four years has worked for luxury beauty brand, helping women get their skin glowing and radiant. And Polish-born Paulina says it's all down to using the right tools. She says,

"External factors like weather make skincare a problem for women in Scotland. But I've found also Scottish women aren't helping themselves because they don't always use the right products and that's why I often see skin that's dehydrated and lacking glow. But these two problems can be treated with the right skincare regime and the right products. So it's a case of finding the right ones for your skin and following a routine." Read more about Scottish women and their skincare problems with Paulina Siembor

Eat your way to clear skin - Dale Pinnock

Eat your way to clear skin - Dale Pinnock

In an earlier beauty blog post, I wrote about problem skin and my own journey on the path to a flawless complexion. So it was great to meet nutritionist Dale Pinnock at Edinburgh's Hanover Health Foods and talk to him about how what we eat can affect our skin. And when it comes to spots as an adult, Dale says it's problem he sees a lot of. He says,

"The top skin problems I'm asked about are Eczema, adult acne and Rosacea. When it comes to acne specifically, for some people it can be down to diet like eating lots of high GI foods. But we've also got ourselves to blame for the world we've created. It's stressful, busy and difficult. And it shows in our skin.
"Acne later in life usually suggests your body is producing too much testosterone. This naturally occurs in women's bodies, but acne can be a symptom your body is producing too much. It's the same for insulin because too much has an impact on sebum production
and may contribute to acne."

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