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Nicki Minaj makeup tutorial - Get her Starships look


Nicki Minaj makeup tutorial - How to get her Starships look
Nicki Minaj's makeup isn't probably something you'd wear to the supermarket. Between her collection of brightly-coloured wigs, massive false eye lashes and bold makeup, the Starships singer is now as known for her stand-out beauty and fashion choices as she is for her chart-topping hits. But in a world of smokey eyes and red lips are amongst the most popular makeup choices, Nicki Minaj certainly makes the world brighter. I love the fact that she always looks like she's having fun with her look. Yes, it might not be what you'd wear on an everyday basis, but if you have the chance, then why not.
This weekend sees Nicki take to the stage for Scottish music festival, T In The Park, and I'm hoping she manages to incorporate a Scottish angle to her look - tartan wig anyone? And although the Scottish weather will probably damp and cloudy, here's hoping Nicki will brighten things up. For the cover of recently-released tune, Starships, Nicki opted for some full-on colour with yellow and green eye shadow and pink lips. It was bold and eye-catching and perfect for Nicki. So in honour of Nicki's T In The Park appearance, I asked MAC's Senior Makeup Artist, and fellow Scot, Lynsey Alexander, below, to put together a Nicki Minaj makeup tutorial on how to get the Starships look.
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Ombré Hair by Aveda at James Dun's House Glasgow

Stand back from the foil highlights, step away from the bleach, because, if you're looking to colour your hair, then you've got to try Ombré; the latest stage in the balayage trend. The technique has been around in hairdressing circles for years, pioneered first in France, then America, and it's spotted on some pretty famous heads including that of Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Bilson. So what is it? In terms of technique, it's where the colour is applied by hand instead of traditional foils or cap highlighting techniques. But in terms of look, it's light years away from traditional highlighting, giving a soft, sun-kissed look which adds depth to hair, creating an illusion of fullness. Not to be left out, British celebs have also plumped for ombre hair with the likes of Alexa Chung, Kate Beckinsale, and most recently, Caroline Flack when I saw her at the Benefit Mascarathon.

Some, like Caroline, have opted for a dramatic look when it comes to ombré; the dark glossy brown fading through to blonde tips. Others like model Giselle, have gone for a more natural look; more sun-kissed than Sun-In. And when it's combined with Aveda's latest hair colouring system, it makes for a natural combination. James Dun House in Glasgow is a salon which offers both.

Hair at James Dun's House Glasgow - Aveda Lifestyle Experience

It's what's called an Aveda Lifestyle salon, so pampering treats pepper any hair appointment. This includes a hand massage, a head, neck and shoulder massage and a makeup touch-up. It also means the salon uses, along with Aveda shampoos and conditioners, the new hair colouring system. Launched in 2012, it's called the Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Crème Hair Color and it takes over from the brand's 13-year-old colouring system, Full Spectrum Hair Colour. This latest system, launched in January 2012, boasts an incredible 96% naturally-derived ingredients. That means there's less damage to hair, but for good measure, Aveda has also added some organic conditioning oils including a blend of sunflower, castor, jojoba, coconut and babassu oils.

And with this system, traditional highlighting techniques go out of the window. Gone are those fake hair colour swatches, and in it's place is customised hair colour. As Creative Stylist, Colin O'Reilly puts it, this isn't painting by numbers. He says,

"We mix together different colours to come up with a unique colour for every customer, and really with the Aveda system, you can create any colour. Aveda is the only company to do this approach and the results are fantastic. There's different bases, pure pigments and pure tones and for each customer we blend different colours and different amounts and so that's why the result is always different."

A personalised, customised hair colouring system, almost entirely made from natural ingredients? Sounds impressive doesn't it. So let's have a look at how Colin uses it on my hair.

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Pure Lochside facials in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols

I love facials, but, they make me nervous. Why so? Well, in the days following a treatment, my skin usually reacts and I have major outbreaks. But then I tried a Pure Lochside facial. Recently, I blogged about this great organic skincare brand which is now available in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols. Well, as well as its skincare range, Pure Lochside also does five star spa treatments. The brand's Signature Spa Treatments are currently available at Fairmont St Andrews Spa and Carrick Spa at Cameron House. And after being impressed by the range, when I was offered the chance to face test a Pure Lochside facial, as it were, I jumped at the chance.

Pure Lochside facials in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols

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Makeup experts at Edinburgh's West End Summer Solstice

Make up experts at the Edinburgh's West End Summer Solstice

Edinburgh's House of Fraser's Beauty Hall was turned into a makeup studio yesterday as ladies lined up to get FREE expert tips and make-overs with professional makeup artists, Sharon Irving, seen here above, and Monica George, below.

Make up experts at the Edinburgh's West End Summer Solstice

The pair, who run the city's Made-Up company and whose celebrity clients have included Davina McCall and Susan Sarandon, were doing make-overs as part of the West End's Summer Solstice. And despite the weather, ladies came out to watch and listen as Monica and Sharon talked about the summer makeup trends and worked their magic. Sharon said:

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The Royal Highland Show - Cath Kidston


The Royal Highland Show - Cath Kidston

Nevermind MTV's Pimp My Ride, how's this for a cute set of wheels? Pink, pretty and packed full of household goodies, this is how it's done Cath Kidston styl-eeee. The old library van has been given a floral makover courtesy of the British brand and it's heading out on tour this summer. It's the first time Cath Kidston has done a tour, but given that it's the year of the London Olympics, and we've just had the Diamond Jubilee, what better time to head out and visit Britain. And if you're heading to the Royal Highland Show, then look out for it.

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