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Beauty Blogs - global round-up

Beauty Blogs - global round-up

Keep up-to-date with beauty blogs around the globe with this weekly beauty blog round-up: Read more about Beauty Blogs - global round-up

sexyhair is in Edinburgh

sexyhair comes to Edinburghsexyhair comes to Edinburgh

Image via Dickson Reid/ dnanderson photography

Sexyhair is coming to the Scottish capital. Course you might think that that's always been the case, but I'm not talking about the super stylish hairstyles walking the streets of Edinburgh - hello gorgeous hair people! Rather, I mean, sexyhair: the hair brand behind the locks of beauty contestants and celebritries alike. Launched in 1999, sexyhair is now used around the world by stylists on top TV shows such as stars of Desperate Housewives and Dancing With The Stars, and at beauty events including on the Miss World contestants. How's that for a list of luscious locks? And if you - like me - fancy getting a slice of their hairstyles, then it just got easier. That's because it's just launched into the capital's top hair salon, Dickson Reid.
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Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 - NEW PRODUCT

Bobbi Brown Beauty Balm - NEW

Looks like top beauty brand Bobbi Brown is joining in the BB Cream fight. Over the past 12 months we've had plenty of beauty balms or BB creams to choose from, but this latest launch is looking like a strong contender for the top slot, not least because of the excellent shade choice with five to choose from. Plus it's also got a massive built-in SPF35 which is crucial when it comes to protecting your skin.

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Flawless makeup with Laura Mercier's national makeup artist

Flawless makeup with Laura Mercier's national makeup artist

Flawless makeup is like baking a soufflé: it's easier than it looks. But like all good cooking skills, it's something you can learn and tasked with teaching me is Laura Mercier's national makeup artist, Chris Howells. That's because the flawless face is a staple for Laura Mercier, and was created back when supermodels were indeed super, in 1996. It's polished, it's chic and it never goes out of style. While colour changes on the lips and eyes, having flawless makeup is timeless and according to Chris, easy to replicate. Chris says,
"Once you've mastered it, getting the flawless finish will take only ten minutes. It's a four-step look which includes, primer, foundation, concealer, then finish and powder. And it's about knowing which products to use and how much. Often people use too much product. I think it's because they think makeup hides and covers up blemishes for instance. But in fact, it ends up overloading the skin, making it look cakey and sometimes drawing attention to what you're trying to hide. And application is key so getting the right tools for the job will help you no end, making your makeup easier to apply and looking better. 
Welsh-born Chris is just back from working with Laura Mercier herself in California where he tells me next year will see an exciting reunion between Laura and one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. It's an exciting time for the brand but Laura Mercier doesn't forget about the key flawless look, after all, it's one she's built her empire on and won her fans over the years from the nineties though to 2012. Chris says,
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Beauty Blogs - weekly global round-up

Beauty Blogs - weekly global round-up

It's been a busy week for beauty blogs around the globe so find how's what's hot with this round-up:

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