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Harvey Nichols Edinburgh Look Good..Feel Better event

Next week in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols our beauty cup truly runneth over dear readers, thanks to the amazing Look Good...Feel Better Theatre of Beauty Event. Taking place on Wednesday November 14, the ticket-only event sees beauty experts, brand ambassadors, consultants and makeup artists all congregate in the swanky store for a beauty focused evening to raise cash for the Look Good...Feel Better charity.  Set up 18 years ago, by the beauty industry, it helps ladies tackle the visible side-effects of their cancer treatment, including in Edinburgh's Western General Hospital.

And next week, the swanky store is hosting its first ever 'Theatre of Beauty' event with 100 percent of ticket proceeds going directly to Look Good...Feel Fantastic. So if you love all things beauty, have a passion for all things pretty and want to raise money for an extremely worth-while cause, then roll up and I'll see you there.

Harvey Nichols Edinburgh Look Good Feel event

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Glasgow's Academy of Makeup expert shows how to copy Victoria's Secret model makeup

Glasgow's Academy of Makeup expert shows how to copy Victoria's Secret model makeupGlasgow's Academy of Makeup expert shows how to copy Victoria's Secret model makeup

Images via Celebutopia

This year's Victoria's Secret show takes place this week, and alongside a performance by  Rihanna, the usual gorgeous girls will be strutting their stuff: Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and Alessandra Ambrosia and Adriana Lima both back on the catwalk fresh from their second children. But before you say, those pesky perky models, it isn't like they've rolled out of bed looking like that. Miranda posted pictures on Twitter of herself in training for the show back in September. That's two months before she's even on the catwalk. And let's not forget, there's a fleet of professionals on-hand to tease, brush and powder their skin before they take to the runway. In the past few years, the look has been paired down beauty. It's pretty, timeless and understated. Obviously, genetics make looking like an actual Victoria's Secret model pretty darn difficult. But it got me thinking: just how easy is it for an everyday sort of woman to copy the polished makeup look of the Victoria's Secret models? So I enlisted the help of a top makeup artist to teach me.
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Party Looks - red lips

If you're looking to create a fuss-free party look, then it's got to be the bold red lip. Because if you're heading out this Christmas - at risk of descending into panto chat, oh yes you are - then there are ways to dial up the glamour without armfuls of products.

Party Looks - red lips

Now, there are plenty of products out there for creating a ravishing red lip. Primers, liners, glosses and lipsticks, you name it and you can probably get it. However, it doesn't have to be so difficult. And with Tom Ford's latest collection, Fall Color 2012, it is all about the perfect lip. Mr Ford, says:

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MAC's Glamour Daze collection

MAC's Glamour Daze collection

I'm in a conundrum: how best to describe MAC's new Glamour Daze collection. I'd say pretty but that's not enough. Neither is beautiful, gorgeous or stunning. Because it's all of these things and more. So in the end I'm opting for COVET. And I'm capping that up for reason. Because I'm shouting about how much I want this entire collection. I would buy every single piece. And I think it comes from a seriously stylish model shot for the collection. The palette is all about shades of pretty pinks, and paired with the black bow - so ladylike. Then, the strong liner combined with the bouffant hair gives a retro vibe but when you see those nails. Jeeez, you know this girl knows how to have fun while looking fabulous.

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Edinburgh Online Fashion Week - the makeup and hair

Edinburgh Online Fashion Week - the makeup and hair

Beauty and fashion go together like ice cream and chocolate. That's because aside from the gorgeous clothes gracing the catwalk, it's also a chance to be wowed by stunning looks in hair and makeup. And wow is definitely the word when it comes to Edinburgh Online Fashion Week.

Edinburgh Online Fashion Week - the makeup and hair

Filmed back in the first week of September, the team lead by Gary Anderson, has been hard at work editing down the four-day coverage. It saw 15 shops and retailers show off their Autumn Winter Looks. Filmed in the stark Quarter Mile, in an empty floor, there was no audience present for the filming, until the last day when rows of fashion fans bought tickets for the event. That show featured a selection of outfits from the retailers from each prior day, and the hair and makeup didn't change for each shop. On this night makeup was all about the disconnected liner and dark lip seen here above in the top image. Outside of the final show, nobody has seen the footage or the looks from the rest of the week. Until now. Because on Monday October 22nd, Edinburgh Online Fashion Week is going live. And fashion fans will be able to log on each day next week to view the shows.

And aside from the different collections from the different shops, it will also be a change to ogle the amazing looks created by Lauren Gollan and Dickson Reid. Lauren, the lady behind The Lauren Gollan Academy Of Makeup Artistry, lead a team of seven, made up of her hard-working students. And from purple lips, disconnected eyes and futuristic skin, the results were show-stopping. Lauren says,

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